Rental Information

Wild Acres has beds for nine and Rental is $2850 per week with no more than 9 people.  

Loafing Rocks has beds for six and Rental is $1900 per week with no more than 6 people.

Both Houses rent from late June through the Friday before Labor Day weekend.

There may be some limited times available during the Fall.

The minimum rental is one week.  

Bed sheets and towels are included but no pets are allowed.

There will be a cleaning fee of $300 if not left in the condition the house was found.

Current dates available are:

Wild Acres summer 2016:  Available for the week of  August 20 - 27th

Loafing Rocks summer 2016:  Is fully booked.

 You may book for future years but return customers get the right of first refusal.

50% deposit is required

Below links open Rental Agreements

For information please call Bob at 508-295-1956